Scrambled Starts

After a year of struggling with nutty family schedules, Jenny Youngman knew that something had to change. The only remedy for their chaotic routine, she realized, was prayer. Youngman and her husband agreed that their family would start and end their days with prayer.

Scrambled Starts tells about one family's adventures in making prayer a regular part of their daily lives. It is also a collection of prayers for mealtime, bedtime, special occasions, ordinary times, prayers just for parents, prayers just for kids. A wonderful reference guide for parents who want to make prayer a priority in their homes.

Jenny shares her insight and offers encouragement to parents who want to make prayer the heart of their family.

In this book you'll find:

  • prayer for mealtime and bedtime
  • prayers for specific occasions
  • prayer for all ages
  • scripture to memorize
  • help for starting a family devotion time

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Scrambled Starts is a treasure trove of personal stories, fresh ideas, good theology in everyday language, and prayers for special occasions. I am so inspired by Jenny’s desire to develop praying kids who believe with all their hearts that God hears and answers.
— Andi Ashworth
Jenny Youngman’s honesty and practicality will help families pray in a face-paced world. I can’t wait to pray through this book with my daughters.
— Jacob Armstrong