Hi there! I’m Jenny. Thanks so much for clicking by to say hello!

Sometimes I make records and play concerts. Sometimes I write books and speak about intentional spiritual formation. Sometimes I go to Africa to teach about writing and publishing for the church. Sometimes I make snacks and drive a minivan to soccer, then to baseball, then to dance, and then to play practice, then home to make dinner. And most times, I lead worship for an awesome church where my husband is one of the pastors. I love my life!

So welcome to my little nook on the interwebs. Let’s have some good coffee, some good conversation, a little laughter, a little music, and some prayer together.

At some point, without a clear or even mildly focused roadmap, I became a singer-songwriter, author, and worship pastor. This year I turn 40 and I’m still kind of in awe that God could use all my windy rabbit trail ideas to shape me and lead me to this very place in my life—right where I am supposed to be. In college, I thought I might be a music teacher, but changed my mind after a pathetic case of piano practice burnout. Then, I thought I might be a youth pastor, but I changed my mind when I had a baby and found it impossible to play sardines with a newborn. Then, I thought I might be a songwriter and author, but…oh wait, that actually happened. 

My pastor/husband and I went to seminary with no idea of what would happen when we got out, but the life that God had for us is nothing short of incredible. We’ve been in ministry with some awesome churches. I’ve been a part of some really meaningful publishing work for the church. I’ve traveled the world learning and teaching about writing for the church. I’ve also recorded two full-length albums and played shows all over the country. Most recently God called me to be the worship pastor at a church plant outside of Nashville, TN that is zeroed in on what I think is the heart of the gospel—to help disconnected people find hope, healing, and wholeness in Jesus.

Right now, my hubs and our four kids are in the season of crazy busy. Our kids are awesome and inspiring and exhausting and did I mention awesome? As they grow up, I’m realizing that we have to be more and more intentional about praying with them and for them. Of all the Pineterst fails I’ve tried to make us closer, calmer, and more Christian, I’ve found that prayer is the one thing that binds us together and to God when our schedules get chaotic. Prayer is my one great idea and so I wrote a book to help us put it into practice. We pray because we love Jesus. We pray because we believe God hears our prayers. We pray to put God first, above every other great thing that is going on in our lives. We pray because we need forgiveness. We pray because we need peace and because we want to be peace-makers.

Will you pray with us?